Things to do in the Apartment

Thuis is your home away from home. A library of board games and books awaits you.  If you have a particular interest or genre you are looking for. Just let your Hosts known when booking so that they can arrange what you are looking for on arrival!

If you need a Desktop PC to work or play, the Thuis dedicated office space will make your trip a lot more enjoyable. 

The super fast NBN internet connection provides great Download and Upload speeds. 

The lounge room offers a very comfortable Sofa to lie back and enjoy some quiet moments to yourself. 

The extra wide screen TV offers both a Google Chromecast and AppleTV for you to connect your own device too on the big screen. 

The AppleTV has all the streaming Apps available for you to download and use. There are also European and Asian TV channels. You can also listen to your favourite music or watch music videos. There’s also a game console so you can play Arcade Games. 

If you prefer to sit outside on the balcony in the egg chair, at the bar table or have coffee outside, it’s already waiting for you to enjoy.  

The Coffee machine makes a great tasting cup of coffee from the instant pods available. 

There is much to offer in the local area as well within the Apartment Complex.